Jesse Yancy

“Natural gemstones? You can’t set those in chainmail, they’ll break!” Watch me.
Chainmail is made by weaving together individual metal rings. Pieces can take anywhere from minutes to hundreds of hours for an experienced artisan.
I’ve been crafting chainmail for over a dozen years now. Most of my best designs are created at 3AM while sitting with my dogs. My speciality is captures (the term for setting something in chainmail) of natural gemstones and precious gems. I create fine jewelry, fashion pieces, toys, and whatever else comes into my head. I love custom orders, whether for personalized color combinations or a particular stone or for something completely unique and extraordinary. Matching people with their perfect piece is my joy.
The metals I work with are hypoallergenic and nickel free. Maintenance is easy because most pieces can be cleaned with dish soap and water.

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