Oils and acrylics

Shradha Gupta

Hello, my name is Shradha (sh-r-aa-d-aa) Gupta. I have been an artist for the last 20 years and currently live happily in Simpsonville, South Carolina, with my husband and two children. I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Minor in Web Developing and have been in the Fine Arts field for a long time. I have been a Computer Graphics Instructor at Greenville Technical College since 2019 and am also a full-time artist with a strong, unbending passion for art. I always carry a handy pencil and piece of paper with me so I can quickly capture the plethora of ideas that pop into my head. Since most of my inspiration for my art comes from nature, I am partial to my waterfall, animal, and flower pieces, although I love to create artwork on all kinds of subjects.

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