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Series, World or Studio?

By June 30, 2024No Comments

If you lived with my family from the 1960’s till around 2000 and someone mentioned the word series you would have thought World Series When my father’s team was in the running we got our first color tv set. Sixty years later and I’m involved in a new type of series .the artistic type. I realized after I worked on a series after the 5 the painting featuring waterlilies.
When an artist paints a number painting of the same subject the paintings become a series.Why would someone do that ? Wouldn’t that be boring? You might ask that of Monet. Rumor has it that he painted around 250 water lilies painting and numerous paintings featuring haystacks at different times during the day. His focus was changing light and its effects. Van Gogh painted 43 self portraits that reveal much about his mental state.
Artists paint series for many different reasons. They might be studying light, seasonal changes, emotions, styles or materials.Whatever the boundaries the artist sets for himself
the learning curve is great.
So come to the gallery and see how many series you can find.
July 1 means only 5 months shopping till Christmas. Just saying,

Cathyrn Rice


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